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Benji Bananas


特點: - 漂亮的卡通畫面,如手繪一般 - 有趣的遊戲動作(讓猴子在繩子之間搖擺前進) - 可在各種環境中飛躍(神廟廢墟、大瀑布和叢林) - 收集香蕉和辣椒等以獲得更多升級 - 解鎖特別道具如火箭包、辣椒提速、騎鷹等- 給猴子穿不同的衣服(忍者服、防毒面具) - 各種繩子(葡萄、蛇、燃燒繩等)
Benji Bananas由TribeFlame Ltd.開發,由Fingersoft Ltd.發行。
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------- English description ------
Swing through different environments in this exciting and fun physics based adventure game!
Jump between ropes and avoid dangers as they will cut your journey. Earn bananas to get upgrades, specials and power ups.
Features: - Beautiful cartoon & hand drawn like graphics - Fun physics based gameplay (swing a monkey along ropes to get forward) - Make your run through various landscapes (temple ruins, waterfalls and jungles) - Collect fruits like bananas and chilis to gain more upgrades - Unlock special powers such as a jetpack, chili speed boost and eagle ride - Cloth your monkey differently (ninja costume, gas mask) - Different kinds of ropes (vines, snakes, burning ropes etc.)
Download now and experience the joy of flying along the vines through various environments!
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Benji Bananas is developed by TribeFlame Ltd. and published by Fingersoft Ltd.